Brian Cairns

CEO at ProStrategix
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I have 25+ years of experience in Marketing at companies such as J&J, P&G, and Pfizer. I left those roles to start ProStrategix. We started ProStrategix as an un-retirement plan for our principal leaders. We felt that allowing a lifetime’s worth of business experience to go to pasture would be a terrible mistake. Instead, we decided to take that senior level of experience and bring it to where it mattered most - to our local businesses, both small and mid-sized.

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  • “LinkedIn Sales navigator has worked best for us. It’s ability to target is the winning asset for us. There are so many options that it is a great fit as a B2B solution. The ability to directly message potential leads is a great feature, too. The downside to LinkedIn is it is all manual – assuming you follow their policies. Many don’t, but we’ve found that personalization is key to winning on LinkedIn. While it is very time-consuming, it has proven to be worth the effort.” - Published 11/2020

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