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Brian Hamilton is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and the leading voice on the power of ownership to transform lives. He founded Sageworks, the country’s first fintech company, which developed a patented technology that has helped millions of small business owners translate complex financial information. He is also founder of Inmates to Entrepreneurs, the longest running program of its kind that teaches people with criminal records how to start and grow their own businesses. Finally, through his programs at the Brian Hamilton Foundation, he helps people overcome obstacles to realize their greatest potential through business ownership.

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  • There are 2.3 million people currently in prison or jail in the United States, and we want to equip them for what comes next. Starter U is about showing people that you don't need tons of money or experience to start a business - you just need an idea, commitment, and simple skills to see it through. The program is especially important because of the difficulty people with criminal records have in finding traditional employment. Plus, we need more people owning more stuff in our society, and nothing is better than owning a business.

  • I can’t recall a time when a company has cut their value by 50 percent. It’s up in the air right now. It’s a very strange thing. None of us know.