Brian O'Leary

Wealth Advisor, Senior Analyst at ALINE Wealth
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Brian O’Leary is a Wealth Advisor and Senior Analyst at ALINE Wealth. He brings more than 15 years of financial industry experience and a wide-ranging background in research, trading and client service. As a Wealth Advisor, Brian often works with up and coming professionals. He ensures the next generation experiences the high level of care that ALINE Wealth is known for while integrating new solutions tailored for a rapidly evolving financial services industry.

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  • Part of having a plan is understanding things do inevitably go wrong. It’s not a plan if you don’t have buffers built into it already. Step one is understanding where you are and how you survived this pandemic, reviewing what tools you leaned on. People experienced the pandemic in very different ways. Many had severe income disruptions while some benefited financially throughout the course of the pandemic and didn’t have that disruption. For those that didn’t experience a disruption, if they could simulate what it would have been like if they actually did, that will go a long way for testing your preparedness for the next time there is a disruption to the markets.

    19 June 2021
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    19 June 2021
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