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  • Organizations that are not taking seriously their contributions to social and environmental causes will face increasingly harsh realities this decade. The rise of Millennials' influence and wealth is one of several big reasons for this. As the earning power of Millennials--those born between 1981 and 1996--is expected to jump 75 percent this decade, a greater portion of that wealth will be invested in organizations tackling the root causes of human suffering.

    26 January 2021
  • Visible engagement with the Sustainable Development Goals is a huge opportunity for businesses of all sizes. A report from the global consulting group Ernst and Young says “the SDGs provide a historic moment for companies to take society’s challenges and leverage them as opportunities to enhance business growth and long-term competitiveness.” Many companies are already making a significant contribution to achieving the SDGs and they are not reaping the rewards of their contributions. Many times this is because of poor communication internally and externally.

    26 January 2021
  • One thing we all can agree on these days is that misinformation is killing us. And as we move through 2021, we will see more examples of how misinformation can maim or even kill organizations of all sizes.

    Is your company prepared to deal with a disinformation campaign or conspiracy theory?

    26 January 2021