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Bryan, a vet of the tech ecosystem with previous roles at Reddit, Twitter, and CBS, has been an active angel investor in New York for several years, managing a syndicate of over 500 accredited investors through Riverside Ventures. Riverside has sourced and made investments in companies like Slack, Bonobos, Lambda School, Carta, Public Goods, and Citizen

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  • We are impressed with Soundstripe’s growth since its start in 2016.

    Their unique approach to helping creators source high-quality music for film, video, and gaming streams is simple to use, cost-effective, and saves a ton of time.

    We also share their excitement to expand their team and the products they offer.

  • Facebook and Google set the tone for the industry of what is OK and what is not, and with cannabis being legal in some states and not all, geo-targeting online is not perfect.

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