Bryon Bass

SVP of Disability and Absence Management at Sedgwick
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Bryon Bass is the Senior Vice President of Disability and Absence Management at Sedgwick. Bryon is a high-achieving executive well-versed in assessing risk, developing solutions, business planning, and implementing positive changes to achieve sustainability and growth. He is offering 15 years' experience in the third-party administration industry along with an entrepreneurial, forward-thinking mindset and a demonstrated track record of accomplishment.

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  • Short-term disability is a wage replacement benefit that provides compensation for injuries or illnesses that happen away from the job that renders employees unable to work for a short period of time. FMLA prevents an employee from losing their job or benefits, and protects them from retaliation, in the event of a need for a leave of absence from work to deal with a health condition or care-giving responsibility. Generally, the law allows employees to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave in a 12-month period.

    28 January 2022
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  • Sedgwick
    SVP of Disability and Absence Management