Buck Rogers

Vice President, Programs at Triangle Society for Human Resource Management and 2 other companies
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Buck has over 25 years of organizational leadership experience at all levels, from team leader to CEO, which equips him well to serve as a trusted advisor to organizations in the areas of leadership development, coaching, career management and organizational transitions. Previously, Buck worked in the recruiting and search, software, and IT consulting sectors with experience in startup, turnaround, acquisition, and growth environments. His roles have included SVP of DynPro, CEO of Core Health Technologies, and VP of LexisNexis and TMP Worldwide. Buck is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and is a decorated veteran of Operation Desert Storm.

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  • It gives them more flexibility, they lose the commute, and most people can be as productive as they were in the office. Companies do appreciate their employees. They are seeing good production at home, good attitudes and healthy people that enjoy their work. And they are considering more variables now than they ever have.

    17 May 2021
  • One of the top priorities, when we transitioned to a work-from-home environment, was the safety and health of our employees. So, as we look to transition back to the workplace, that's still top priority. From a leadership and employer perspective, as well as an HR perspective, it's really important that people get vaccinated. Forty percent of people overall indicate they're unwilling or unsure about taking the vaccine. So, 40% is a big number. That's a big concern. Employers can mandate a vaccine as a condition for coming back to work. We, as HR consultants, would always recommend encouragement over requirement and persuade over punishment.

    17 May 2021