C. Arthur Rutter III

Managing Partner at Rutter Mills LLP
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C. Arthur "Brother" Rutter has been dominating the world of personal injury law for decades as the managing partner at Rutter Mills LLP in Norfolk, Virginia. A Harvard graduate and first in his class at the University of Richmond’s T.C. Williams Law School, Brother uses his knowledge and expertise to run one of the largest firms in Coastal Virginia. With decades of experience in large and complex injury cases, Brother is recognized as a thought leader on legal issues, as well as, innovating firm management and community engagement. From recruitment to client service, he continues to push his firm “ahead of the curve” with the newest tools and technology in the hands of the area’s brightest legal minds; ensuring Rutter Mills is at the forefront of the legal industry.
Mr. Rutter is a high-level litigator, specializing in large and complicated auto accident and maritime cases. He has won several multi-million dollar verdicts across multiple states in high-profile personal injury cases, including the at-the-time largest wrongful death verdict in Virginia history. He more recently served as lead counsel for a $3.75 M seaman’s injury settlement case. Brother is recognized as a compelling speaker, often invited to publicly speak on the overlap between business and his core values of integrity, reputation, and results. At every turn, he relays the importance of kindness and self-agency in work and in life.
Brother’s philanthropic efforts cover a broad range of issues including breast cancer awareness and supporting local youth organizations. He and his wife Meredith established the Rutter Family Art Foundation. The foundation's mission is to make art accessible to more people. Brother has also been a vital part of the restoration of downtown Norfolk and the Neon district. His historic buildings are host to some of the area’s finest art, hosting exhibitions and events to help promote regional artists.

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  • "I believe there's a real desire for authenticity and integrity in the legal market space. I want our firm to show people that everything they think they know about an injury lawyer is probably wrong."

  • "People don't come to us on their best days. they may be facing the hardest time of their lives. I’m in a position to make a real difference for my clients. I take that responsibility seriously, and I welcome the challenge."

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