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Carey is a fearless finance and payments entrepreneur. She is a resident problem-solver and industry disrupter. She is on a mission to create a more secure and inclusive world by redefining how businesses verify and authenticate customers. For 25 years, Carey had explored the intersection of payments, identity and adaptive technologies with great curiosity. She had challenged the status quo and humanized payments in global roles at both PayPal and Citi. Now, she puts her experience to use leading the brilliant team at AU10TIX.

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  • We’re moving – because we have to – beyond password verification and one-time PINs, and toward omnichannel efforts for authentication of online identities. Picture, then, the individual who wants to move cryptos, sending the digital currencies in a transaction initiated on a laptop to a digital wallet housed on a mobile device. Verification would take place on both devices.

    9 March 2021
  • Candidly, until recently, I lived a professional existence in which I didn't see gender as a barrier. I grew up in the financial sector. I grew up in the technology sector. I was a big believer that there were no boundaries, that you created your own boundaries. I never conformed to the norm and seemed to excel. So, for a good part of my career, my gender didn’t register as an issue as I pursued my passions.

    9 March 2021
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