Carlos Acosta

Automotive Detailing, Mobile Diagnostics at Blacklisted Auto Detailing
On the record

Growing up with cars as a passion at the age of 14 led me to become an enthusiast. Once high school was finished it was on to Automotive school and now 15 years after being in the automotive industry from full restoration to be an automotive technician in the private sector and dealerships such as Mercedes Benz I bring all that knowledge to my own business and directly to you the client. ‚Äč

Now I am a Certified Detailing for Gyeon an amazing company that has been around for over 10 years, I spent a majority of 2021 with my mentor getting hands on training with this amazing product. Not only did I learn about the product but I understood the reason at why this company has been so pivotal in the automotive car care universe. Now the ability to have a trust worthy detailer backed by a reputable company and products is now ready to be at your door step.

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