Casey Martin

VP of Detection and Automation at ReliaQuest
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Casey Martin, Vice President of Detection and Automation, joined ReliaQuest in 2014 and has operated in all areas of security operations, including previously acting as the Director of Security Operations. Casey’s recent transition to VP of Detection and Automation involves innovating and delivering cutting edge detection and response capabilities. Prior to ReliaQuest, Casey held security roles in the energy and higher education industries, which was made possible through his education at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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  • It’s not always about aligning with my personal thoughts, but rather demonstrating they are critically thinking through the 'why' behind their answer. At the core of the question is an assumption that, especially when faced with limited resources, a security team may choose to prioritize those three pillars in a particular order of importance based on their business or industry. Critical infrastructure would likely prioritize availability due to the need to keep the lights on and the water running, followed by integrity to ensure the infrastructure/OT is running optimally, for example, to prevent situations like the recent water system hack in Florida.

    17 August 2021
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    VP of Detection and Automation