Cassey Ho

Founder & CEO at Blogilates / POPFLEX
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Cassey Ho is the Founder and CEO at Blogilates and POPFLEX. She is on a mission to spread the joy of fitness. With over 10 million subscribers across all platforms, Cassey’s upbeat personality and genuine care for her students is what makes her an award-winning fitness instructor. She’s been teaching her signature format, POP Pilates, for over 14 years and has certified thousands of instructors to teach the unique class in gyms across the world, with over 4,000 live in-studio classes being taught every month.

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  • The truth is, I had this feeling inside me that if my face was on the packaging, in an area of the country where maybe people don't see people who look like me, it might actually turn off the customer and would hurt sales. And that's really sad because, to have to think like that means that I grew up thinking that being Asian, being a person who is non-white, that that's something negative. So, I'm glad that I eventually realized, no, you're not going to [fight this]. You're going to represent exactly who you are, put your face on the packaging, and be proud of it. When it comes to race representation, I hope that when other young girls of color, other Asian-American girls [see my line,] they are going to look at different career options — that they go into the Target fitness section and see someone who looks like them and think, 'Oh, maybe I can do that one day. '

    14 September 2021
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  • Blogilates / POPFLEX
    Founder & CEO