Cathy Spencer-Browning

VP of Programming and Training at MOSSA
On the record

As the VP of Training & Programming of MOSSA, Cathy leads the development of fitness programs for health clubs and MOSSA On Demand, a digital streaming service. Cathy holds a degree in Human Movement from Wollongong University, Australia, and has an established international career of presenting and educating since 1990. She was the recipient of Australia’s Fitness Professional of the Year and served on the ACE Faculty Advisory Board, and currently is an ACE, AFAA and Can Fit Pro education provider.

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  • Our bodies must move to survive and thrive. An achy back, sore knees or physically feeling ‘flat’ is often a result of our bodies not moving as they should. At MOSSA, we focus on what we call Movement Health as a key ingredient for all our programming. Fitness should never come at the expense of being movement healthy. MOSSA On Demand is designed around this concept and aims to keep people moving, healthy and safe, regardless of how much or little they are moving today.

    8 February 2021
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    VP of Programming and Training