Chakra Earthsong

Founder and Chief Formulator at KeVita
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Chakra is the Founder and Chief formulator of KeVita. With a spirited outlook on life, she has always had a strong desire to discover and create new, innovative approaches to wellness. As a Certified Nutritionist, Chakra values the importance of self-care and a whole foods diet that prioritizes nutrition and hydration. She brings more than three decades of experience in the natural product and alternative health industries.

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  • KeVita is an authentic and trustworthy fermented beverage brand that offers a range of probiotic and prebiotic drinks in a variety of flavors. Since the early days of KeVita, we have built our credibility around creating a high-quality product. What is in our bottles is sacred and integral to the brand because it is sophisticated and thoroughly researched - all to maintain the authenticity of our very first ferment.

    5 January 2022
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