Chance Butler

Founder & Chief Investment Officer at Pacific Landfall
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By way of background… I was given the name “Chance” because I was born with a 50/50 chance of survival. From that time on, I spent many years on the couch with my grandfather, as I had to stay home from school. During this time, I became very much in tune with CNBC and the markets. I opened, with the help of my grandfather, my first investment account at the age of 6 and have been investing ever since. I have also attended the same investment classes Warren Buffett attended at Columbia University.

Today, healthy and having my own young family, I live in Queen Creek, Arizona and run my own Value Investing & Financial Planning firm. I focus on bringing the power of Value Investing, taught only at Columbia University in New York, directly to my client's finances.

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  • You wouldn’t quit your job if a recession came, so don’t sell your stocks when the market drops.

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