Charlie Birnbaum

COO at PishPosh Baby
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Charlie is the Chief Operating Officer at PishPosh Baby. Charlie is a seasoned professional with many years of eCommerce sales management and business development, past experiences presented the knowledge and ability to guide a systematic approach to ensure customer satisfaction, revenue growth, and profitability. He is an astute student, and his desire to achieve gives him the personality that is always looking to learn and advance his skills to provide a better experience for his team and clients.

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  • Now, very often, manufacturers don’t have the margins to give discounts, so we’re going to China simply to have product. We’re not saving money, and we’re doing it more often. We’d normally be relying on the U.S. distributor to pick up product from China and bring it to their warehouse. Then we’d place an order, they’d ship it to us, it would go to our warehouse and then out to customers. What we’re doing now is placing a larger order and bringing it to our warehouse directly.