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Sugar Paper co-founder Chelsea Shukov was taught from a young age to appreciate the value of the hand-written note and the emotion it can evoke. Chelsea’s love of paper began in grade school with the first Valentine she received in a makeshift mailbox on her desk. She’s been putting love in the mail ever since.

In 2003, her and her co-founder Jamie started tinkering with a letterpress and helping their friends put beautiful paper in the mail. As each bespoke piece was sent, more and more people inquired. So more and more stationery was made. Today, Sugar Paper is found in thousands of stores in the United States and around the world, in shops big and small, including collaborations with Target and J. Crew.

Sugar Paper has been featured in CNBC, Forbes and InStyle to name a few.

As they grow and branch out and expand the brand, the bespoke commitment that was put in place with those very first orders remains the foundation of their business.

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