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Chervin Jafarieh is regarded by many as one of the most respected and influential health experts in the world. At an early age, Chervin was mentored by some of the world's top health authorities and quickly developed a deep passion and curiosity that drove him to question and expand upon everything he was taught. He grew up learning the fundamentals of biodynamic farming and was influenced by a sophisticated curriculum that focused on both the right and left brain development to improve neuroplasticity and increase his ability to learn.

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  • CBD has incredible therapeutic effects, most notably relieving inflammation and irritation – which is important to counterbalance to maintain healthy skin and lips. And because we care as much about the purity of what you put on your body as we do about what you put in your body, Rya’s Lip Conditioner contains only the cleanest, organic ingredients. This lip balm is truly one you can feel great using.

    5 July 2021
  • The chemicals in our homes have as much impact on our health as the food we put into our bodies. It’s time to ditch the toxic chemicals in your household cleaners in favor of all-natural cleaning options to keep your home germ-free and your family healthy.

    5 July 2021
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