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CEO & Founder at Athletic Greens
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Chris Ashenden is a serial entrepreneur, a health and fitness expert, investor and world traveler. He is the founder and CEO of Athletic Greens, the health company that originated the essentialist nutrition movement and produces a select set of extremely high-quality, daily nutritional products. Chris is passionate about health, happiness, personal growth, and leadership in an entrepreneurial setting. A native of New Zealand, Chris is a former rugby player with a passion for contact sports. Chris founded Athletic Greens in 2010 as a result of his own health struggles and frustrations. For years, despite doing what he thought was a proper routine with food and supplementation, he was chronically sick due to a lack of nutrient absorption. In seeking a better way to manage his daily health, he worked on a solution with the best naturopaths, doctors and medical researchers in the world, creating the first iteration of AG1 as an incredibly simple, powerful and effective way of covering your nutritional bases every day, improving gut health and giving your body a daily health caress in support of key bodily systems. Chris was Athletic Greens customer number one. His parents were customers two and three. Hundreds of thousands of customers have joined in the decade since. Chris built Athletic Greens around a mission to empower people to take ownership of their health. He believes that empowering health ownership is the path to living a spectacular life. In Colombia, Chris founded the Da Alegria foundation, which works with local foundations to provide nutritious meals to children in need.

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  • But in the end, the world wants to be more robust, they want to feel amazing.

    10 January 2023