Chris Ferris

VP of Digital Strategy at Pierpont Communications
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Seasoned, passionate and proven digital marketing strategy expert with two decades of experience in healthcare, online marketing and public relations. Lecturer in management at the Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University, where I teach a self-designed digital marketing course for MBA students.

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  • "Using social media monitoring as a 'canary in a coal mine' can help organizations identify problems or issues that, if not addressed, could metastasize into full-blown, mainstream media crises."

  • "Just focusing on vanity website stats like pageviews without tracking relevant metrics--like sales made, leads generated, appointments scheduled--is ultimately meaningless. It's like a football coach bragging that his quarterback threw for 500 yards but the team still lost the game 45-21. Keep score using the measurements that matter."

  • "Think of LinkedIn as a virtual networking event. If you show up to an in-person event in casual clothes, standing in the corner, not wearing a name tag, not talking to you anyone else, you won’t have a successful and productive time. But if you dress in industry-appropriate clothes, wear a name tag, engage with other attendees and look up from your phone, you’ll make interesting and potentially meaningful connections. Updating your LinkedIn profile and engaging on the platform with some regularity is the online equivalent of preparing and acting appropriately at a networking event or conference."