Christopher Good

Creative Director at One Workplace
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Chris believes in the power of design to do good things for other people. His work is devoted to changing the way we think about and shape the built environment. He is a frequent speaker and presenter at events across the country, leading active workshops teaching the power and influence of design. An award-winning interior designer and artist, Chris has worked with IDEO as a build partner for the Teachers Guild, Michelle Obama’s Better Make Room Campaign, and with the Unreasonable Group’s Project literacy lab; a business accelerator geared towards high-growth global entrepreneurs seeking to ensure universal literacy.

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  • By understanding the drivers of loneliness, and the instigators of our loss of connection or sense of belonging, we might discover simple action steps that any organization can take to foster a resilient culture. We might also, in turn, create more meaningful workspaces for the return of our teams.

    29 December 2020
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