Chris Hosmer

Founder at AirPop
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Chris is the Founder at AirPop. As an innovator and entrepreneur with applied strategy, product, design, and general management expertise, he has worked in both the US and China. He focuses on consumer strategy, productization, commercialization, and improving the means of production and consumption globally.

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  • There's been quite a lot of science just within the last couple of years around eco toxicity and how that affects lower-income communities as well as communities of color disproportionately to white and affluent communities. I think that disparity is going to continue to be discussed, and rightly so. And that's an area that we really want to focus on. That issue of social and racial equity is going to continue to be part of the conversation. So we do think, unfortunately, masking — as unpleasant as it is — is going to probably grow as a category. And we want to be able to provide the products that allow people to get back to their normal lives with minimal discomfort and minimal barriers.

    27 January 2022
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