Chris Irvin, MS

Chief Marketing Officer at BioCoach
On the record

Chris graduated from Illinois College with a degree in biology and exercise science. After spending a year strength training high school and collegiate athletes, Chris began attending the University of Tampa to pursue his master’s in exercise and nutrition science where he spent time conducting nutrition research in the university's exercise science laboratory. Chris began his professional career as an exercise scientist working in a human performance institute and transitioned into marketing and business development when he took on the task of creating and marketing a nutrition education brand and starting his own marketing agency. In 2018, Chris joined Perfect Keto, a nutrition start-up focusing on creating low carb supplements and food products where he spent 3 years working in many departments including R&D, marketing, and compliance. In 2021, Chris joined the BioCoach team to bring his diverse set of skills and experience to this exciting mission. Chris is known on social media as The Ketologist and consults professional athletes on their nutrition.

Recent Quotes
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  • "Carbs can be a great fuel source for athletes....if they can properly utilize them. Aging athletes, athletes with higher body fat percentage, and athletes chronically eating a poor diet may suffer from insulin resistance preventing these pre-performance carbs from improving performance. In my experience working with pro football players, putting these athletes on a low carb diet in the offseason is a great way to restore metabolic function and improve their ability to use those carbs as energy in-season."

    1 March 2022
  • “The stat stating that metabolically unhealthy individuals are 3.4x more likely to die from COVID and 5x more likely to be admitted to the ICU is especially alarming because research estimates that nearly 90% of our population is not metabolically healthy. Improving metabolic health, which starts with stabilizing blood sugar and insulin levels, is a key to preventing and treating diabetes, reducing severe adverse reactions to COVID, and reducing the occurrence of other non-communicable diseases like obesity and cardiovascular disease.”

    1 March 2022
  • As World Obesity Day, a global observance day promoting practical solutions to end the global obesity crisis, approaches on March 4th, Chris Irvin, MS of Nutrition Science and CMO of BioCoach, provides helpful tips on how to stick to your weight loss goals:

    1. Manipulate carbs: Carbs play a big role in weight loss so how many we eat and where they come from matters. Processed carbs and added sugar cause big spikes in blood sugar that can cause fluctuations in mood, energy, and hunger making it harder to stick to your weight loss goals. Control your carb intake and stick to whole food carb sources to support better energy, mood, and less hunger.

    2. Prioritize protein: Protein is an extremely important nutrient playing a role in everything from repairing muscles to carrying out metabolic functions. Protein also makes you more full which makes sticking to your weight loss diet easier.

    3. Clear out the pantry: Part of dieting is developing discipline but until that discipline is earned, it's important to set yourself up for success. Remove junk foods and snacks that you are likely to binge on from your pantry and instead stock it with healthy snacks like dry roasted nuts/nut butter, beef jerky, and fresh fruit.

    4. Understand that perfection is not required: Many times we think that perfection is required to achieve weight loss and when we fall short of perfection, which we always do, we give up entirely. To stick with your weight loss goals long term, understand that you will have good days and bad days and the best thing you can do after a diet slip up is to just move on and get back on track.

    1 March 2022
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