Chris Kovalik

CEO and Creative Director at Rushdown Revolt
On the record

Chris Kovalik is the CEO and Creative Director of Rushdown Revolt. A former Wall Street Banker turned game developer, Chris risked reputation, success and salary to go all in on “the worst video game in history”, a platform fighting game that shut down after only a year of operation and was ranked in the bottom 5% of all Steam-reviewed games at the time. With no coding or game development experience, Chris relied on his analyzing skills, savviness and Wall-Street swagger to flip this game that flopped.
By opening communication lines wide open between business leaders, developers, designers and gamers, encouraging a vibrant, active community and listening to customer feedback, Chris catapulted what was a thriving social environment for fighting games back to life. Rushdown Revolt has flipped the industry upside down ever since, ranking in the top 5% of all Steam-reviewed games in only two years since its acquisition and growing at a rapid rate, with game users up 20% month-over-month by word of mouth only.