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Managing Director at CK Architectural
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Chris is the founder and managing director of the CK Architectural team. He founded the business back in 2015 and set the whole business in motion to be the best architectural design firm in the country. Dedicated to only the best quality at affordable prices and being able to work with any project, no matter what the size, he is driven to complete his vision of delivering the best possible service, designs & builds to every client.

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  • It was incredibly strong, easy to find, a solid insulator from the Great British weather, and environmentally friendly due to no transportation requirements too. This can be done across the whole world too.

    10 November 2021
  • The design of housing estates, with various types of housing, green spaces, play areas and even small commercial shops, schools and doctor surgeries have been created as planners recognise the need to create sustainable communities with upgraded infrastructures all to cope with new housing communities.

    10 November 2021
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