Chris Pchelintsev

Co-Founder at Architecturalist
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Ukrainian-American entrepreneur who co-founded the online real estate company Architecturalist, LLC. and serves as the company's CEO. After starting and handling multiple successful business, he started exploring his passion for architectural real estate. Architecturalist was initially an online publication exploring architecturally significant real estate in united states, after working in this niche for several years the project grew into online platform that helps agents who work with architectural homes get a better price and terms for their clients by selling them to architectural enthusiasts using our online auction platform.

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  • We get all this information, put it together properly and present it to people so that the target audience knows what they’re getting. We educate them before…[and] we’ve completely fully disclosed everything about the house. Every single unique detail that other people might overlook…we’re going to sell it as an architectural property to people who understand what it is.

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