Chris Phillips

Sr. Director of Advanced Research and Development at Xperi
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Veteran software engineering, research, innovation and technology leader with 381 filed and 117 issued patents. The primary coverage areas are advertising, media delivery and QoE, bandwidth optimization, video encoding and various end user applications on mobile, tablet, VR, AR, Set Top Box, and computer devices.

I lead teams of extremely agile rapid prototyping software and research professionals studying market trends and identifying areas for revolutionary solutions. From these areas, we select areas for innovation and research. We file patents to protect the intellectual property generated from our research. Due to the amount of IPR, a subset of concepts is prioritized for prototyping. Great care and creativity are taken to identify business use cases which demonstrate a vision for generating profit from the technology inventions. I present concepts and demo POCs both internally and externally to high level executives and technology professionals at trade shows and customer sites. I also place prototype proof-of-concepts into customer labs for test trials.

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  • Xperi
    Sr. Director of Advanced Research and Development