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Executive Vice President, Americas at Finastra
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Chris Zingo is the Senior Vice President and General Manager, Americas Field Operations at Finastra, leading the development and execution of the go-to-market strategy for Finastra’s business in the region. His primary responsibility is to define and implement the target operating model for the region with the objectives of improving the customer experience, expanding market reach and partner ecosystem, accelerating the penetration and expansion of our markets, and drive revenue and retention growth. Chris brings to Finastra over 20 years of experience leading Go-to-Market organizations in financial software. Throughout his career, he has focused on addressable market penetration & expansion, and the implementation of management platforms and infrastructures to support a solution-oriented customer experience at scale. Prior to joining Finastra (then Fundtech), he was Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at Calypso Technology, and had previously held positions with SuperDerivatives and Thomson Reuters.

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  • Many mission-driven consumers are passionate about choosing a bank that aligns with their personal values. When banks qualify for designations as a minority depository institution or as a community development financial development institution, it can be a powerful competitive advantage.

  • The three most important takeaways for credit unions from Finastra's survey are: 1) banking-as-a-service, embedded banking services, and open banking will rise in prominence, 2) supporting vulnerable audiences and the underbanked is a key priority for their peers, and 3) U.S. financial institutions invested more than their international counterparts in technology due to the pandemic. Credit Unions really don’t have a choice but to grow. Between 2012 and 2020 we saw a 28% decrease in the number of credit unions. In that same period, credit unions with over $200 million in assets actually grew by 40%, while those with less decreased by 31%. In this same period, we’ve seen a massive increase in global bank spend on consumer experience.

  • That’s good news for financial institutions seeking to grow their business by moving toward open banking. Still, budgets aren’t growing fast enough to match banks’ appetites for innovation. About seven in ten US financial institutions (69%) say their investments in technology and digital banking are constrained by cost pressures.

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  • Finastra
    Executive Vice President, Americas
    started Jun 2017