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DEI Consultant & Customer Success Manager at Yello and 2 other companies
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Christen Steele is a University Recruitment Consultant and a Certified CliftonStrengths Coach. In her role at Yello, she works with employers to achieve their D&I goals, by helping them virtually recruit qualified, diverse early-career candidates more efficiently than ever before.

Prior to WayUp, she has had a unique career spanning 12 years in higher education, supporting undergraduate and graduate students and student-athletes across all majors and disciplines, in both academic support and career development. Add to that, an additional 5 years helping refugees, asylum seekers, special immigrants, and special medical clients gain self-sufficiency for themselves and their families through meaningful employment, Christen brings an expansive background to the D&I conversation. Her most recent role was the Director of Career Services in the College of Computing at Georgia Tech to support 15,000 on-campus and online computational students. This included securing funds through employer partnerships and career fairs, reaching over $1.5 million annually.

Her commitment to diversity, equity, & inclusion ensures that there are varied backgrounds, values, and experiences represented in the workplace that aligns with the world in which we currently reside.

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  • "How to Hire for Early Career Talent" by Sarah Hallam at The Org, interviewing Christen Steele

    - Nail the job description
    “I always hear, ‘I didn't know I could get a job as a data analyst in an insurance company,’” Steele said. “Of course, you didn't know that. Why would you think that? Or it’s ‘I didn't know that I could work in economics at a news company, or in finance in a media company,’ and so on.”

    - Have a hiring manager conduct the first interview
    "One-on-one connections can be make-or-break for a qualified candidate. They're more likely to go through that interview process with you because they feel a connection,”

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