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    Christian Goodell – Founder & CEO, The Miner Network
    Founder & Executive Trustee, Origin Trust Foundation

    Father, serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist Christian Goodell is the Founder and CEO of The Miner Network and creator of the MINER token.

    Designed as a safe, stable store of value in volatile economic times, MINER tokenizes gold production. It provides the service of ethical, fair-trade gold mining and delivery of 24K physical gold upon redemption by token holders. Simultaneously, The Miner Network seeks to dramatically mitigate the environmental impact of mining practices and transform working conditions throughout the industry.

    No stranger to entrepreneurial success, Christian brings his characteristic boldness, versatility, and depth of experience across a wide range of fields—including real estate, finance, entertainment, fine dining, and continuing education—to MINER.

    As a young man, Christian became an extreme skier, the kind who seeks terminal velocity (maximum freefall speed) on skis. In the winter of 2005, a split-second miscalculation resulted in an accident that very nearly took his life, broke numerous large bones including his legs and back, and injured his heart, lungs, and nervous system. The experience challenged—and forever changed—the trajectory of his life. As he was being airlifted to the hospital, he found himself joking with the EMTs, who were stunned. He recalls them saying, “How are you even conscious, let alone making jokes right now?” And he replied, “Well, what else am I going to do? I'm likely to be stuck with these injuries for a while, right?”

    Nine months later, he had relearned how to walk, retrained his muscles to function normally, and was back on the slopes. And he’d had an epiphany. All his accomplishments, all his businesses, all of the acumen, and all of the successes—none of it mattered anymore. What did matter would reveal itself over the next several years.

    As the Global Financial Crisis hit and the Great Recession unfolded, Christian’s insight arrived: the missing piece, it turned out, was that he hadn’t ever aimed high enough—nor with high enough intention. The picture had to be much bigger; he had to expand his entrepreneurial view. So, he became keenly interested in the existential risks we all faced. He began to consider planetary ecosystems, human consciousness, commerce, and how they all intersected with each other. His close brush with death also taught him a great deal about his own character. Most importantly, apart from his adventurous and irrepressible nature, he was able to remain calm and uplift and inspire others even in the most challenging circumstances.

    By 2011 he had become an online educator and launched The Global Trust Education Network (GTEN). His lecture subjects included trusteeship, not-for-profit foundations, natural law, rights, jurisdictions, principles of conscious creation, and infinite game theory.

    Aiming still higher, Christian considered the potential crash of not just the financial markets, but the entire interconnected economic system, and the effects the possible collapse would have on our planetary society. He sought to provide a solution—either a way out or a way through the forthcoming crises. And he aligned with others around the world who sought the same. The idea for MINER came in 2018.

    The MINER project leverages his extensive background in project development, startups, real estate, and finance. He served as co-founder of four real estate offices in Los Angeles, including one of L.A.’s most formidable, Keller Williams Realty Westside, and the first office of KW Commercial nationwide; he was also President and CEO of The Goodell Group, Inc., and President and Fund Manager at Liquid Leverage. And he provided investment advisory services to Wall Street fund managers, stockbrokers, and private investors during his time at William O’Neill+Co.

    Prior to his career in finance and real estate, Christian spent a decade applying his creativity in the entertainment industry. He was Founder and President of Funk Hollywood Entertainment, which produced art and music events; he was CEO of Mind’s Eye Productions, a motion picture development company; and as Director of Development for Intercontinental Releasing Corporation, he acquired stories and screenplays for production and motion pictures for worldwide distribution. He also worked as a screenwriter and as an Assistant Director for motion pictures, television, and commercials.

    Another of his great passions is fine dining. He was instrumental in opening and managing three restaurants, including the famed Tahoga Restaurant in Georgetown, which won Best New Restaurant in Washington, DC in both Food and Wine Magazine and The Washingtonian in 1998, along with The Wine Spectator Award.

    In addition to his leadership of MINER, Christian is Founder and Executive Trustee for the Origin Trust Foundation, a research center and nexus for the rapidly-growing global regenerative movement. Origin fosters the discovery of collaborative solutions to our present challenges, supports the restoration of healthy societies and ecosystems, and encourages future-positive paradigms for humanity and our planet. The Miner Network and MINER are the first major initiatives of the Origin Trust Foundation.

    Christian graduated from Dartmouth College, AB Cum Laude and with a Citation. He was also a guest scholar at Oxford University.