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Christina Rivera is an author, speaker, consultant and internet radio show host of Savvy Broadcasting and has over twenty-five years of experience in corporate accounting. Since the conception of Savvy Broadcasting, in 2012, she has interviewed over 1000 businesses, foremost experts and successful individuals of walks of life.

Long Bio:
Christina is a corporate accounts receivable consultant, speaker, and internet podcast host of Savvy Broadcasting. Her background in corporate finance extends beyond twenty-five years. Savvy Business started in April 2012 as a marketing tool for her receivables business but quickly snowballed into an exciting entity. Her platform supports knowledgeable individuals and business owners in sharing their expertise, knowledge, tips, and stories. Savvy Broadcasting features businesses of all fields, and inspirational individuals. Christina new new book released on March 2020 "Having It Made: A Journey of Rediscovery and Purpose" is a personal journey of self-discovery and how she finally found her purpose. She analyzes and uncovers many of the old world myths many of us were taught and believed.

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  • "Are you Dealing with defeat? Stay the course, because the opportunity for victory can show up in a heartbeat."

  • "When considering a business collaboration, research thoroughly or it could bite the wallet"

  • "I trained myself to stop preventing fear from overtaking me. I embraced and allowed it to take its course and settle. By doing this, fear took a back seat, making room for personal contentment and peace."

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