Dr. med. Christine Sauer

Owner/Founder at DocChristine Coaching
On the record

Retired, German-trained Physician and Naturopath, mental health "survivor" and "thriver", now working as a Certified Brain and Mental Health Professional, Coach and Educator and Licensed Neuroencoding Specialist, helping people with mental health (= brain health) issues. On the Teaching Teams of Dr. Daniel Amen and Dr. Joseph McClendon III.
#1 Amazon Bestselling Author, contributor to several magazines, summits etc, engaging Speaker.
Founder of DocChristine Coaching, "Brain Health in 5 Dimensions" - the Brain and Success System and the "Live Your Best Life-Program"

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  • "It may be hard at times to let go of old habits that may be familiar but no longer serve you, but it is so worth it."

    21 October 2021
  • "As humans, we sometimes need a helping hand, and asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but of courage."

    21 October 2021
  • "A tiny change a day or a week, if combined with an accountability system and reminders, will lead to lasting positive change."

    21 October 2021
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