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Confidence and Achievement Coach at An Inspired Life
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Christopher Mitra is a Confidence and Achievement coach based in Canada, who's been helping clients from all over the world to get rid of procrastination, increase confidence and get inspired & motivated. As a sought-after Confidence and Achievement Coach, Christopher has been relentlessly pursuing his passion for helping people achieve the ultimate level of success and happiness. He is a tech entrepreneur and the founder of "The Man Sessions"; a podcast dedicated to helping men overcome many of the obstacles faced in today's society.

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  • When defensiveness becomes habitual, you shut down communication, cooperation, openness and creativity. People will become very aware of what type of reaction will be forthcoming if they voice a differing opinion, so they cut their losses and stay quiet.

    A continuous habit of being defensive is the kiss of death for any type of team environment.

    22 September 2022
  • That’s not going to happen in 30 days. At least not in any healthy, sustainable way, so make your goal one pound a week. Sure, that number doesn’t look as lofty, but it also doesn’t look as daunting. We can mentally handle a one pound-a-week goal.

    4 April 2022
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