Clark Frogley

Head of Financial Crime at Quantexa
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Clark Frogley is the Head of Financial Crime at Quantexa. Clark is a global financial services leader with extensive experience in banking, insurance, consulting and solutions. He has deep experience in anti-money laundering, KYC, sanctions and counter-fraud, complex investigations, security, and business resiliency.

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  • So many people [are] trying to hide various bits of information that at some point, that information always seems to make its way out. Usually people mess up. Nobody’s perfect. So we just wait for some of those mess ups to bring them down. There are lots of tax havens, lots of ways around disclosing who are the ultimate beneficial owners. And as long as that exists, then you’re always going to have situations like this where people will take advantage, try to hide their activity, and most of the time for nefarious reason.

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