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Head of Fraud Management at ACI Worldwide
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Cleber Martins joined ACI Worldwide in 2001 and has 20 years of experience in implementing industry-leading enterprise fraud prevention solutions and anti-money laundering strategies. Cleber’s enthusiasm for driving innovation in fraud prevention stems from the pride he takes in protecting both his banking customers, and the people and communities they serve. Throughout his career Cleber has been at the forefront of the evolution of machine learning: from a focus on inputting human experience into machines, to its modern form that empowers fraud experts to combine their real intelligence with AI. Cleber calls this trend toward business users wielding new models, the democratization of machine learning. Cleber’s key areas of expertise include helping payments leaders to develop multi-faceted fraud prevention strategies that combat modern threats, as well as creating actionable intelligence in payments data, and the evolution of fraud prevention into a Customer Experience differentiator for organizations.

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  • Cleber Martins, ACI Worldwide’s head of payments risk management, told PYMNTS that as financial transactions move increasingly toward real time in the United States and banks deliver new value-added services that rest upon those real-time rails, fraud will inevitably follow. “The connected economy,” he said, is showing that “if you are able to drive new value, people will join up.” But, he noted, “The fraudsters’ end game is cash.” As real-time payments evolve and limits increase, so does the appeal of real-time to bad actors. Real-time payments offer a rapid way to get cash, if the vulnerabilities at either end of the transaction (humans, after all) can be exploited.

    27 October 2021
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