Collin Plume

CEO, Co-Founder at Noble Gold Investments
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Collin Plume is the CEO of Noble Gold Investments, a precious metals IRA broker he founded in 2016. He has over seventeen years of experience building and managing the wealth of his clients, drawing upon decades of expertise in property insurance, commercial real estate, cryptocurrency investment, and entrepreneurship. Mr. Plume is passionate about speaking and educating the public on investing wisely, and he sets the example for businesses adapting to post-pandemic restructuring and DEI standards. Collin is regularly quoted in top-tier publications such as Forbes, FX Street, and NPR's Marketplace podcast.

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  • "I like the idea that we can educate people, which we've been doing at Noble Gold. That's been our number one focus, educating them on the different metals, how to buy it, how to store it, whether to do it in an IRA or not in an IRA. There's a void in the education space with precious metals. So we've been providing that, and I think it's been helpful....I think anyone can invest into it and feel confident, especially right now with inflation. I think gold and silver are gonna do really well with inflation over 7%, they projected last month. Crypto is a little different because it's still new. It's very volatile. So I do think you need to have a certain type of investor that has that risk appetite where they can feel comfortable with volatility. But I think that if you're a younger person and you're looking at spreading some money out in different investments, I don't think buying some of the cryptos out there is that different than buying an IPO. I think that some of the cryptos out there have the potential to outperform a lot of the IPOs that are out there."