Conway Solomon

Partner & CEO at WRSTBND
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Conway has been working in the live event industry for almost a decade. You can usually find him on a computer backstage. He started WRSTBND with his cofounder after years of being frustrated with other solutions. Somewhere along the way, festivals turned into concerts, beaches, theme parks, you name it.

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  • WRSTBND was born out of the need for reliable, sophisticated and flexible technology that can manage some of the country's largest events from start to finish. Mendix enabled us to create unique, absorbing experiences for our customers by seamlessly integrating RFID and NFC scanning hardware, edge computing, real-time mobile transactions, and backend processes.

    21 October 2021
  • Using Mendix, we were able to build a fully customized reservation platform that booked 40,000 to 50,000 time-based reservations over the holidays, with multiple pricing tiers geared to donors and members, while keeping track of park capacity and traffic flow. It took us just 10 days to build those tailored interfaces with a mobile payment system and web-based backend using Mendix.

    15 March 2021
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    Partner & CEO
    started Nov 2018