Cory Cummings

CEO & Co-Founder at Pack Digital
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  • I started working with Shopify in early 2014 when I found myself at a small agency (at that time) called BVAccel whose specialty was building and optimizing sites for brands on Shopify. I was able to work with some of the most successful brands to use Shopify Plus including MVMT Watches, Untuckit, and Native. From starting as a contributor as a development resource, I moved into leading delivery teams to create successful projects. Back then I noticed every brand had one common demand regardless of their size: lightning-fast websites. I spent countless hours finding ways to increase site speed and overall performance but I didn’t feel like it was moving the needle enough, and that’s when Pack Digital was founded. In 2018, I teamed up with two co-workers and we set out to deliver the highest-performing commerce storefronts on Shopify. Since then I’ve led our team in building some of the first headless storefronts in North America while building out an end-to-end headless commerce platform that lowers the barriers to create and operate modern storefronts. After working with developers and merchants to learn exactly what they wanted from a headless commerce platform, we built ours that now counts brands such as Liquid-I.V., Cuts Clothing, Prima and others as customers, to give merchants a platform that is resource-light and easy to maintain.

    27 December 2022
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