Craig Ahrens

SVP of Strategy and Growth at CareRev
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Craig Ahrens is the Senior Vice President of Strategy and Growth at CareRev. As a healthcare innovation/startup leader, consultant, and digital health transformation executive with more than 20 years of experience in public and private institutions, his expertise in both healthcare startups and digital health investments offers him the chance to share unique perspectives.

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  • Lowering the financial burden of care delivery while ensuring quality of delivery is a significant challenge. As such, even as labor is understandably a primary target for cost cutting, it is important to realize that quality professionals are more than an expendable budgetary item – they are the most significant input for quality care. Consequently, in order to meet increasingly complex patient care demands, it is imperative for leaders to develop cost effective, creative and innovative care delivery models that don’t simply reduce but optimize the use of high-cost and high-quality clinical professionals.

    3 December 2021
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    3 December 2021
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