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Nationally-Recognized Author, Speaker & President, licensed for 27 years at Stuart Estate Planning Wealth Advisors
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Craig Kirsner, MBA, is a nationally recognized author, speaker and retirement planner, whom you may have seen on Kiplinger, Forbes, CNBC, AT&T,, Reuters, Fortune,, U.S. News & World Report, The Yahoo Finance Closing Bell Show, MSN Money, FoxBusiness,, Yahoo Finance, and others. Craig is the creator of the Preserve and Protect Retirement System.

Craig’s article “What is the Central Bankers’ Bubble and Will it Burst?” was featured on Kiplinger, Yahoo Finance, MSN Money, and others. This piece offers a frank risk assessment and additional ways for retirees to protect themselves and is included in his book.

Craig and his team at Kirsner Wealth Management have been designing strategies to help clients help preserve and pass on their wealth since 1972. Craig specializes in retirement planning for clients who want to make sure they don’t have more risk than they’re comfortable with in their retirement portfolios and retirement income planning to test clients’ income to see if it will last for the rest of their lives.

Craig is committed to every part of his clients’ plans being reviewed, attended to, cleaned up, completed and brought up to date. His direct, hands-on approach helps through all the tough planning decisions. Craig works hand in hand with estate planning attorneys to help ensure that your legal documents will accomplish your goals of leaving a legacy to your family.

Craig is a retirement planner and an Investment Adviser Representative. He has an MBA in finance from the Chapman School of Business at Florida International University and undergraduate degrees in finance and risk management from the University of Florida. He has passed the Series 63 and 65 securities exams and has been a licensed insurance agent for 26 years. Craig also published a book in late 2005 that predicted the collapse of the real estate market and the subsequent stock market crash.

Craig and his father were chosen to be keynote speakers at the Sun Sentinel’s Successful Aging Expo in May 2017. Craig also is a member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) and is part of the Top of the Table level, which includes some of the top insurance professionals in the industry. Craig is married to Karen, and they have two sons and two Havanese dogs. Craig also has a daughter from a previous marriage. He’s active in a number of local charities. In 2007, he was awarded the Presidential Volunteer Service Award, and in 2006, he was awarded “Volunteer of the Year” by Hands On Miami.

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  • I do believe we are in the middle of a stock market mania. It’s important to recognize this. And like all manias I believe it will end badly.

    Since the Covid-19 stock market and economic crash, we've already had approximately $6 Trillion of worldwide government stimulus pumped into the economy and as such the stock market has been going up dramatically since March 23rd, 2020. Right now the stock market is back to being the most overvalued by using the popular Warren Buffet indicator of the stock market value to total GDP... That indicator is now at 152% - it's never been this high!

    Let’s look at some recent facts: Covid-19 worldwide cases are increasing daily; 43 million people have filed for unemployment; non-farm jobs have taken a huge hit; worldwide rioting is occurring; there is a huge disconnect between dropping corporate profits after tax and increasing stock prices that has never been larger; and businesses failing left and right so it seems that the Fed stimulus is the only thing keeping us afloat. The disconnect between Main Street and Wall Street has never been higher and it’s all due to the Fed’s bailouts.

    That’s the definition of a mania: Exuberant embracing of a vertical stock market rally of stock market valuations that are entirely unrealistic and untethered from the economic reality.

    Whether you think this market is for real or is a mirage, I believe you’ve been given a golden opportunity to hit the reset button. If you rode this market up into February and then crashed with it into late March only to ride it back up again, ask yourself this: Did I enjoy the ride? If your answer is, “I’m good, it’s what I expect to get returns, and I would do it again,” then stay the course. If your answer was, “On the way up I liked the view but I lost it on the way down and cannot enjoy the view on the way up now because I’m a nervous wreck,” then rethink your risk level. Right now you have a golden opportunity to reevaluate your approach and get a second opinion from a retirement planner.

    Craig Kirsner MBA, is a nationally-recognized Author, Speaker and Fiduciary Retirement Planner, whom you may have seen on Forbes, Kiplinger, Fortune, Fidelity, AT&T, Nasdaq, US News & World Report, Reuters, Wealth365, MSN Money, Fox Business, Bankrate, Yahoo Finance, Newsmax, and others. Craig is the author of Retire With Confidence: Preserve and Protect Your Wealth And Leave A Legacy and the creator of the Preserve and Protect Retirement System. He has undergraduate degrees in finance and risk management from the University of Florida, as well as an MBA in finance from the Chapman School of Business at Florida International University. He has passed the Series 63 and 65 securities exams and has been a licensed life insurance agent for 27 years.

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