Cyndi Hutchins

Director of Financial Gerontology at Bank of America
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A successful retirement requires planning and adapting to change. Those are the same traits I've used to develop my career at Merrill Lynch. I saw the need for a different approach to retirement planning due to longer lifespans. Today, I help teams of financial advisors and their clients to understand the evolving issues and their options.

I'm known as a knowledgeable and engaging speaker with the ability to take what can be difficult subjects - aging, degenerative illness, etc. - and make them interesting and even fun. I also develop education materials and network to create partnerships with outside organizations focused on related topics.

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  • Financial gerontologists are trained to ask the right questions of their client, the more probing and personal questions that are outside the realm of the financial. This includes taking into consideration health issues, where they want to live, whether they want to continue to work part-time, and how they want to spend their leisure time.

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