Daizy Maan

CEO and Founder at Australian South Asian Center
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Daizy is passionate about young people shaping the future, social entrepreneurship and diversity. She hosts The Daizy Project, a podcast exploring what it means to live a purposeful life through meaningful conversations with bold entrepreneurs, leaders, and change-makers. She has spoken at BMW HQ, Pausefest and on a panel discussion with Ela Gandhi (Human Rights activist and Granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi).

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  • Due to the lack of female authors of Indian, Pakistani and [wider] South Asian heritage, the sense of belonging for women of colour is missing in mainstream literature. What's important about writing a memoir is being honest. You have to look at human beings, even if they have been cruel to you, and try to understand what makes them that way. It's about trying to understand the human condition.

    16 September 2021
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  • Australian South Asian Center
    CEO and Founder