Dan Johnson

Director Global Compliance and Continuity at Ensono
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I am an accomplished Certified Business Continuity Professional with extensive business continuity and disaster recovery experience in the financial services / banking industry. I offer dynamic leadership, business continuity planning expertise and disaster recovery testing skills.

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  • I was conducting disaster-recovery war games at a client site in late 2019 and just happened to select a pandemic as the test scenario. But no one anticipated anything resembling the magnitude, the global scope and the duration of the current pandemic. Viewed from the narrow focus of IT keeping the lights on without any service interruptions or data loss (the recovery part of the equation), the pandemic didn't present issues that IT wasn't prepared to handle. After all, the virus didn't cut the power, crash servers or infect networks with malware.

    26 December 2021
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  • Ensono
    Director Global Compliance and Continuity