Dan Riskin

CEO, founder, and global healthcare RWE & AI expert at Verantos
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Dan Riskin is an American entrepreneur and surgeon. As an expert in healthcare artificial intelligence, Riskin has promoted healthcare quality improvement and helped shape policy in the US and globally. Riskin's companies, featured in Forbes and The Wall Street Journal, have influenced the care of millions of patients. He continues to practice, teach, and perform research as Adjunct Professor of Surgery and Adjunct Professor of Biomedical Informatics Research at Stanford University.

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  • Both Datavant and Verantos share a mission to bring the power of real-world evidence to ensure that therapies can most efficiently reach the patients who need them the most. With this partnership, we're committed to delivering innovative solutions to our life sciences partners.

    21 July 2021
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  • Verantos
    CEO, founder, and global healthcare RWE & AI expert