Dan Rose

CEO at LimFlow
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Dan Rose joined LimFlow in August of 2016. He has over 16 years of leadership experience in the medical device and venture capital and startup sectors. Most recently, Rose was Vice President and General Manager EMEA for Direct Flow Medical, a leading innovator in Transcatheter Valves. Previously, he was Vice President of Commercial Operations and a Member of the Board at Sequana Medical, a Swiss medical device company with innovative implantable pump systems.

Rose also spent 8 years in leadership roles at Medtronic in the cardiovascular and cardiac surgery groups, including as Director of Marketing for Coronary Vascular EMEA and leader of the Vascular Business unit in the Nordic region. Earlier in his career, he co-founded a device company in the diabetes space and worked as an associate in London for High Plains Investment Group, a boutique life sciences venture capital firm. Rose has a BA and a MA from the University of Virginia and an MBA from the Darden Business School.

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  • Regarding the LimFlow system promise for no-option patients facing amputation:

    “We’re really dealing with the sickest of the sick. These patients have exhausted all other treatment options that exist today—whether endovascular or surgical—and are going to lose their limbs. Our goal is to introduce a new set of products and procedures that utilize a parallel pathway to the arteries, providing oxygenated blood to the foot which can heal the wounds that arise from ischemia or diabetes like diabetic foot ulcers.

    The concept has been in the literature for decades—but in a surgical context, where big incisions would be made to reroute blood using veins. But surgical interventions create big wounds, and these patients already have trouble healing wounds. The procedure worked, but patients would lose limbs due to the surgery itself.”

    7 December 2021