Dan Stickel

CEO & Founder at EstateExec
On the record

Dan Stickel is founder and CEO of EstateExec. Stickel is a former Google Executive and serial entrepreneur, with both an undergraduate and a graduate degree from Harvard University. He has managed multi-$B product lines, raised over $100 million in funding and served as CEO for several global software companies.

Motivated by his experience serving as the executor for his parents’ estates, he founded EstateExec to bring the process forward from the 18th century to the 21st, creating the world’s first software to assist consumers throughout the challenging and complex process of serving as an estate executor, automatically creating customized task lists, helping to organize the estate, and automating financial calculations. EstateExec helps consumers on their own, and through its sharing feature also allows them to coordinate with lawyers and other interested parties if desired.

Before Google, Stickel ran the Software Division of the public company Macrovision (MVSN) growing worldwide revenues from $25 million to over $100 million, representing half of the overall company’s revenues. He has also started several companies, and won the Ziff Davis Desktop Accessory of the Year award for software he personally wrote. Stickel has served as a keynote speaker at numerous conferences around the world, and has used software to improve people’s lives in a variety of fields, from early broadband efforts to web search (including both Google and AltaVista), from scientific modeling to simple accounting calculators, and from high-end security immune systems to military AI systems.

Dan was valedictorian of his high school class, and went on to graduate from Harvard University in three years in the top 5 percent of his class, while working half-time in the cardiovascular unit at the New England Medical Center. He earned a Master’s degree from Harvard as well.

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