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At 50 I became a successful inventor, motivational speaker that holds nothing back, inventor relations expert at inventRight, pet peeve specialist, recovering drug addict/alcoholic. I am a passionate advocate for women wanting to get sober and begin to be productive members of society. I lived the life of drugs, alcohol, prostitution and exotic dancing for over 20 years. I openly share my experience on both ends of the spectrum from homelessness to becoming an award winning member of society. My goal is to inspire people to follow their inventing dream or what ever they are inspired to do no matter what their past demons may be. I take my past experiences and share openly to help others embrace all their character defects and use them as assets in the now. Recently named Director of Inventor Relations at inventRight. inventRight is an educational program teaching inventors how to take their ideas to market via licensing.

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  • Well behaved women rarely make history

    24 March 2021
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    24 March 2021
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