Daned Kirkham

Senior Director of Real Estate at Vacasa
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Daned is the Senior Director of Real Estate at Vacasa. With 25 years of real estate experience, Daned has made contributions to some of the world’s leading resorts and urban communities. His experiences have touched numerous aspects of the industry, and he takes take pride in creating exceptional lifestyle experiences for owners, members and guests.

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  • Feeling a little safer doing it when they are staying at vacation homes, that was a trend we were seeing pre-COVID but now I think they definitely like the convenience that goes along with staying in a home. There are a lot of different considerations that we encourage people to look at," he explained. "For example, views, locations, what are people going to be wanting when they stay there? A lot of times it may be something minor but it might have a big impact on your return, it may be having a hot tub versus not having a hot tub, having a large screen TV versus not.

    24 January 2022
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  • Vacasa
    Senior Director of Real Estate