Daniel Callaghan

Co-founder and CEO at Veremark
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Daniel is a two-time venture capital backed HR Tech Founder having previously built one of Europe's earliest freelance marketplaces. He held an Senior Innovation role at Fortune 500 recruitment company before launching Veremark. Daniel is also an internationally published Author on career development and frequent keynote speaker about HR technology, digital transformation, the future of work and real world applications of blockchain.

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  • Veremark’s aim is to help companies hire with greater confidence. Our platform is about bringing speed, simplicity and security to the hiring market. It doesn’t matter whether you are hiring in Bermondsey, Bangalore or Baltimore – we enable companies to check the claims and credentials of those they are looking to bring onboard into their companies. We see this round as an initial stepping stone in the start of transforming the overall ‘Trust’ market and build a new category around credential management to drive greater efficiency in the hiring market and beyond.

    11 April 2022
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