Daniel Fabbri

Chief Data Scientist at SecureLink
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Daniel Fabbri, PhD, leads the HAIL Lab in the Department of Biomedical Informatics at Vanderbilt University. The HAIL Lab was founded to address the challenges at the intersection of: (i) computer science, machine learning and data management, and (ii) healthcare. The Lab works to apply and develop computational methods to a wide range of healthcare issues from discharge prediction to cancer recovery times. Additionally, the Lab develops hospital IT infrastructure such as patient engagement systems and medical record search engines to improve health data management. Lab members work to publish papers in computer science and biomedical informatics proceedings, and deploy tools in hospitals and the health community.

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  • Attacks by third parties are on the rise across industries—and healthcare is no exception. It’s also clear there's an alarming disconnect between how an organization perceives a third-party threat and the actual reality of dangerous third-party access threats, as evidenced in the scarce security measures organizations employ. Now is a pivotal moment for improving critical access management, which is a vital step in monitoring and securing third-party access. Healthcare providers need to be armed with the information and tools to navigate the state of critical access management, mitigate future cyber attacks, and eliminate vulnerabilities that can threaten HIPAA and HITECH compliance.

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